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Top Ten – Black History Month Edition

Yes, It’s Black History Month.  (Editor’s note: Yeah, I know it’s no longer February.  My fault in getting this published.  But why can’t we extend the fun?)  And as such, I have been reflecting upon myself as a black (well, half black) person. Realizing I never do much during the other 11 months of the year, I decided to honor Black History Month in the only way a geeky fanboy can — by listing the 10 most awesome black characters in comic books!  This list will detail the best characters of today and tell you where you can find them.  (Note: #8 was contributed by JKMD. Thanks Jason.)

To The Top Ten!

Top 8 – Happy Chanukah, Superhero Comics!

Top EightNow that the candles are melted, the latkes are digested, and the presents are scattered throughout the house, Chanukah 2012 is over and it’s time to reflect.  As a member of the Jewish persuasion, I find it heartwarming to know what my “people” are up to.  My wife, who is also Jewish (though raised in a house with both a menorah and a Christmas tree), hates it when we watch television and I point out all all the Jewish actors and actresses.  I’m not really sure why it’s so important that I do this — maybe some warped sense of kinship?

Today’s Top Ten Eight are comics heroes that are not just Jewish, but their Judiasm has played an important role in at least some aspect of their lives.  I’m only going to be taking examples from traditional superhero comics, which takes out some great autobiographical/semi-autobiographical examples — Art and Vladek Spiegelman in Maus and the legendary Harvey Pekar — and those more serious, non-cape stories — Yossel, Jacob and Izzy Cohen in Judd Winick’s Caper.

To The Top, uhh… Eight!

Top 10 – Students at the Jean Grey Institute with Bright Futures

Top TenGreetings, readers!  First, I’d like to thank creator JKMD for inviting me to be a moderator.  And as my first official post, I will be settling the frequent dispute that he and I have on the matter of the current teenage mutant generation.  As his loyalties lie with Generation X, his (and partially my) generation’s young mutants, he feels that this generation has had some pretty terrible additions.  And understandably so.  Among these many students are redundancies such as Wolf Cub and Match, poorly created characters such as Primal, or just down right useless ones such as Ernst.  They seem to be pretty much worthless characters.  However, there are some who can bring a lot the table like their predecessors Generation X (and their predecessors, the New Mutants).

To The Top Ten!