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The Weekly Haul does accept review copies.  If you would like your product considered for review, please contact Jason Klein with the following information:

  • The title and creator(s) of the review copy in question – contact information for the creator is a bonus
  • A brief description of the work
  • The target audience
  • Information about the publisher
  • The format and publishing schedule (very important so we can schedule the release of the review with the release of the title).
  • Where readers can order the issue if they so desire. If there is a link to Amazon, please include.

While we appreciate hard copies of review products, when it comes to comic books and graphic novels, PDFs or other digital formats work better as members of our review team are located in different areas.  Accepting the review copy is not a promise the issue will actually be reviewed on the site.  We do,  however, make every attempt to review titles we receive.

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