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The Haul – March 16th, 2016

The Weekly Haul Header

Welcome back to this week’s books at The Weekly Haul!  A quick little comic shop story — when I usually go to pick up my books, I’m welcomed by an empty store, just me and the owner.  Granted, I tend to go late right before they close (thanks to my long commute), but it’s been a while since I’ve been at the shop with other customers.  Point being: I don’t know how to compare my amount of weekly comic purchases with other comic readers.  I’ve always thought that I spend too much on books, especially since I’m usually angry with around half of the comics I read.  This week, though, there was another guy in the shop.  His total: $150 worth of comics from this week’s new releases alone.

superman money

What are all of you spending weekly on average?   Let me know in the comments.

And one more thing — a big congratulations to Batman fan and supporter of the site, Matt, on his wedding!


Now here we go… To The Haul!

The Weekly Haul – October 8th, 2014

photo 3
With Halloween approaching, the annual “Be Undecided About Our Costumes Until My Head Explodes” festivities have begun!  The Boy has ran through a thousand ideas — Leonardo from the TMNT, Superman, Julius Junior, a Skylander (note: he has NO idea what a Skylander is, but he says that he saw it on a commercial and it looked “so cool”), a skeleton — I’m thinking he’s going to go as That Kid Who’s Father Is In The Mental Institution From Halloween Costume Indecisiveness.

photo 4
Don’t ask me such insane, unanswerable questions — there is no reason why not.  A free pterodactyl is always a welcome thing!
I’ve been also trying to plan his 5th birthday party in the meantime — The Boy’s birthday is the day after Halloween.  He wants a dinosaur-themed party, so I’ve been hunting down small dinos for decorations.  Not sure what I’m going to do with them yet, but I’m hoping for a great idea…  I got this awesome surprise in a package of toys that I ordered — I’m taking it as a sign.

photo 1
Pardon the blurriness of the photo – I was being attacked by snakes while riding a mine cart and having my heart pulled out of my chest.

And, lastly before we get into things, I got another addition to my “doctor” commissioned art collection — this AMAZING piece by James Stayte of Doctor and Professor Jones!  See?  Sons are MADE to drive their fathers crazy!!!

To The Haul!