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The Haul – March 30th, 2016

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Happy Fifth Week!   Typically, the fifth week tends to be fairly slow, but I picked up 10 books, including last week’s monster tome that was Batman #50.  That’s right, I’m still testing those DC waters for something fun and interesting…still waiting for it…

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The Haul – March 23rd, 2016

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Light haul this week — only 8 books — but it was my amazing wife’s birthday!

2016-03-25 21.45.57

Though she may not be the biggest comic fan in the world, not only does she let me continue seeding the house with more and more superhero stuff and remind me when there’s a new Walking Dead on the DVR for us to watch — she even likes some of it!  Allegedly…

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The Haul – January 28th, 2015

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Winter storm Juno hit the New York area this week — or, rather, was SUPPOSED to hit this week, as it turned out to not be so terrible in my neck of the woods.  We got around a foot and half of snow and my car ended up with a mysteriously busted rear window.  Day off of work in exchange for dealing with glass replacement = unfair trade-off.

In other local news, my comic shop, Collectors Kingdom, has relocated to a temporary spot near their old, now-burnt out, home.  Their IndieGoGo campaign is still ongoing and if you can spare something — anything — they would love and could use the help.  It’s a fantastic shop run by a great guy and it’s a place that is known throughout most of the area as the place for comics, pop culture stuff, and general “geekery”.

Screenshot 2015-01-14 22.03.48
AND, daily brown bag art for The Boy is STILL ongoing…

2015-01-19 18.40.452015-01-22 22.21.2410952094_525136892235_6114459027774241414_n
God, I’ve never looked forward to the end of a school year more…


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