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The Haul – November 4th, 2015

Welp, this is going to be a welcome back edition of The Haul!  It’s been a LONG time since the last post, but that’s all because of good things that have been keeping us busy, I suppose.  Remy and I have still be trudging through our weekly titles and having “serious discussions” about how we can get finished on the Top 162 X-Men Countdown (we’ll get back on that REAL soon), but here’s the fun stuff…

Hi. I want to be your doctor. And I want to also discuss how the X-Men are being pushed aside for the Inhumans in both the comics and the Marvel Cinematic Univ...hey, where are you going???
Hi. I want to be your doctor. And I want to also discuss how the X-Men are being pushed aside for the Inhumans in both the comics and the Marvel Cinematic Univ…hey, where are you going???

I started working at a new hospital this summer and, while the transition has been difficult at times (since I had been at the last place for all of my training over the past 7 years), it’s been a great change.  Still haven’t found the comic fans over here yet, but once I decorate the office walls with comic art, I’m sure they’ll come running in…or away…


The kids are doing good and Halloween was a blast — that’s The Boy as Stampy Cat (from Minecraft You Tube fame, who he is OBSESSED with) and The Bulldozer as Ariel.  But, that’s not all…

2015-10-18 22.26.08
One more comic fan arrived!  That’s right, we’ve got #3 (and last) all swaddled and ready to learn the Word of X.

Meanwhile, Remy is busy hitting NYC’s comedy scene hard and trying to track down all of his heretofore unmentioned and possibly unknown children.

We’re hoping to get more active back on the site going forward, so stay tuned and thanks for sticking around!  Now…

To The Haul!

The Weekly Haul – July 2nd, 2014

Now that the site has been back for a month or so, churning out our Top 162 X-Men Countdown feature (check it out!) and the newest column Before The Film (starting with the X-Men: DOFP story, soon to be joined by a certain space-faring team…), I realize that it’s been ages since I’ve done the column that started the site — The Weekly Haul!

My relationship with my comic shop has been in pretty great form these days.  I was riding my Previews pull list for a few months pretty nicely with the help of an employee at the shop who did an excellent job making sure my books were all in the bin, BUT OF COURSE, he’s no longer at the shop.  Mysterious circumstances and whatnot.  I really like the shop owner, but when it’s just him, despite me making a pull list every month and submitting it on time (and paying for Previews to be able to do this), the books just don’t make it into the bin.  I’m so entrenched in habit that it’d be hard not to go there anymore, but I did go to an LCS by work to pick up some comic boxes and HOLY GOD THIS SHOP WAS BEAUTIFUL.  Clean, neat, well-dressed and groomed employees?  Tempting.

A few weeks ago now, the wife and I took the kids to their very first convention (and mine too!) — Eternal Con.  This is the second year the con has been running out here on Long Island.  It’s held in the Cradle of Aviation museum in Garden City, which provides a pretty cool space backdrop for some of the vendors.  The kids dressed up for the occasion:

2014-06-14 14.45.11
We had an amazing time and met some really nice cosplayers (which really thrilled The Boy):

"Daddy, that's the real Batman, but I'm still Batman #1 and he's Batman #2."  Damn straight, kid.
“Daddy, that’s the real Batman, but I’m still Batman #1 and he’s Batman #2.” Damn straight, kid.

Meanwhile, while BoyBat ran around like a maniac, using his charm to get free stuff from some of the nicest and most talented artists (Ryan Browne from ZombiePETZ and Daphne Lage from Dream Weaver Press).  The Bulldozer?

2014-06-14 16.07.472014-06-14 17.04.11
Ate until she passed out.  She’s a real trooper.

Anyway, we had a total blast and came home with a ton of new stuff.  One of the office walls had to be rearranged to contain everything, including an sick Chamber (from Ryan Browne) to accompany my Gen X shelf and some amazing X-Men prints from ModHero:

photo2While the wall looks nice, the floor is another matter.  Remy and I are in the middle of our Top 162 X-Men Countdown, which meant I had to take my long boxes out of the closet for “research purposes”.  Now we’re drowning in cardboard.


To The Haul!

Reduced It!

From Lazarus #8, Image Comics, Written by Greg Rucka, Art by Michael Lark
From Lazarus #8, Image Comics, Written by Greg Rucka, Art by Michael Lark

Pretty good one, huh?  Michael here has just successfully reduced a nursemaid’s elbow, one of the most satisfying things to do in pediatrics (at least in my opinion).  A nursemaid’s elbow, medically known as a radial head subluxation, is simply a dislocation of one of the forearm bones (the radius) at the elbow.

In adults, the radial head is held in place at the elbow fairly strongly by the circumferential annular ligament.  In children, though, this ligament is not fully formed (and therefore not fully strong), allowing the radial head to slip out from under its stability and become entrapped.

nursemaids_elbow-13ED157A2B06AD51468This can happen, and commonly does, in young children less than 6 years old (typically toddlers) who sustain a quick pull — for example, being lifted up by the arms:

family-swinging-kidOr when a father needs to yank his kid out of the way of an oncoming wagon.  (There’s no leg equivalent, I believe…):

parent-disasters-fail-pics-0117The child typically presents with arm pain or refusal to move the affected arm/elbow.  Many kids are content to just keep the arm steady, turned in and held close to the chest, and appear fine until the elbow is manipulated.  The trauma to the arm can be so mild that the family may not even remember what happened.  This father remembers a “pop” — good for him! — but that is not common.  Many parents/caregivers/older siblings don’t know anything happened until the child is crying.  But, anyway, that elbow has got to be fixed…

The treatment is a manual reduction with the intent to put the radial head back into place.  There are two main methods for reduction — the supination-flexion technique and the forced pronation technique; one can be used following the other to ensure the radial head is back in place.

Michael is demonstrating the supination-flexion technique in which pressure is placed over the radial head (in the elbow), the palm is turned upwards, and the elbow is flexed.  The other method, which reportedly is more successful and less painful, is to turn the palm facing down and extend the elbow.  I personally have had more success with Michael’s method (including my son’s own nursemaid’s elbow).