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The Haul – March 23rd, 2016

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Light haul this week — only 8 books — but it was my amazing wife’s birthday!

2016-03-25 21.45.57

Though she may not be the biggest comic fan in the world, not only does she let me continue seeding the house with more and more superhero stuff and remind me when there’s a new Walking Dead on the DVR for us to watch — she even likes some of it!  Allegedly…

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The Haul – March 13th, 2013


That’s me!  Waiting for my fantasy league assignment…

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The Haul – January 30th, 2013

This past weekend was the event of the year!  No, not the Super Bowl:

IMG_1824That’s right, it was The Boy’s “Parent Day” at dance class!  What?  You’re shocked that my kid is a dance prodigy?  Was the My Little Pony fascination not clue enough?  Was my being his father not the biggest clue on the planet?

In all seriousness, Jacob has been going to dance class with my wife (who just happens to teach the class) for the past few months now.  He is typically excited to go on Saturday mornings and he’s getting the hang of some of it (it’s called a combo class — tap and ballet — for the dance uninformed).  He’s shown me a little bit of the stuff he’s learned, but I hadn’t seen him in the middle of all his glory before now.

Practicing Blue Steel in the mirror before class
Practicing Blue Steel in the mirror before class

He’s got some stuff down — the kid’s got a killer passé — but he’s mostly interested in tumbling, bouncing on the trampoline, and chatting up the 3 and 4 year old girls in between moves.  That’s my boy…

“So, you come here often?”

Emma went with us to the event and, let me tell you, this girl is just ENAMORED with her brother.  He can do anything (and pretty much does) and she will stare at him, focused as if he was the greatest thing since powdered formula.


Meanwhile, at home, Emma has earned the nickname “Bulldozer”, scaling the furniture and climbing over piles of toys with not a care in the world for her own safety.  I understand that babies do this, and maybe Jacob was just more mellow, but she’s a complete daredevil.  And, yes, I’m still brainwashing my children:

Bulldozer Baby and Iron Man, BFFs
Bulldozer Baby and Iron Man, BFFs

To The Haul!

The Haul – November 28th, 2012

It’s strange to not go back to the theater this weekend — last Sunday was closing of Hairspray.  While I’m happy that I don’t have to live in fear of having a heart attack on stage while dancing anymore, I consider myself so fortunate to have been a part of such a great show with such a fun cast.  It had been a LONG time since my last show (you know, medical school, residency, children and all) so it’s been a while since I got to pretend to be a teenage heartthrob.  Most of the time now I’m pretending to be a 30-year old heartthrob…wink wink…

Now that I’m home this weekend, I figured it was time to pretend to be a responsible homeowner and clean up the house.  Laundry, dishes, action figure displaying; you know, the basics.  The biggest task of all is dealing with our den, which is the main room that we spend most of our time in.  It’s the TV watching room, family room, playroom, computer room, everything room.  When Jacob was little, his toys were easily contained, but now we’re showing the effects of three birthdays and Chanukahs.  Plus, all the “baby” toys that we put away are now all back out for the little princess.

IMG_1681Emma’s stuff gets tossed on top of itself, thanks to the absolutely selfless (read: terrible parental sarcasm) boy.  His stuff, a menagerie of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Hot Wheels, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, My Little Pony, Batman, the Avengers, and random Fisher Price playsets, is EVERYWHERE.


photo(5)A word to anyone who is purchasing presents for children.  If it has multiple pieces, no matter how adorable, leave it in the store until they’re old enough to pick it all up and put it away themselves.  (Not to sound ungrateful for the 100+ piece Hot Wheels set from my sister and future brother-in-law.  It’s like a painful foot massage whenever I accidentally step on a piece strewn throughout the house.  A little slice of heaven on Long Island, for sure…)


Meanwhile, Emma is teething like a, well, 5 month old, and the sheer amounts of saliva pouring from her mouth could fill the bathtub in a few hours.

Two quick comic-related plugs:

There’s a pretty good article over at CBR about Bendis’ run on the Avengers titles over the past 200+ issues.  I was happy to hear about Bendis making the transition over to the X-books; I think that a large family of titles (Avengers, Bat books, etc) does better with a figurehead somewhat detailing the overarching plot points.  Hopefully we get a bit of a Claremont-renaissance out of Bendis…

Oh, and the excellent and under-represented website Sequart (short for sequential art), which takes a scholarly approach to comic books, has been giving away chapters from their books for free via their Facebook page.  I’ve purchased a few of their titles before — their Legion, X-Men, and Batman books sit on my shelf and live in the magical world that is my Kindle — plus I’ve sponsored their Kickstarter projects.  Go become a fan and scoop up their stuff.

To The Haul!