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The Haul Catchup – April 3rd, 10th, and 17th, 2013

Well, obviously things over here at The Weekly Haul have been pretty quiet for the past few weeks.  I should really just stop calling attention to my inability to keep up with reading my comics — is it a function that I’m buying too many books?  Or that I’m just not that excited in the titles that I’m reading?  I’m going to take a look at that very thing in the rundown.  But first…

Here’s something I got excited about the other day — another one of the fantastic (typed stuffed with sarcasm) Marvel-sponsored children’s prose stories based on their characters.  This time it’s not Namor in his panties, but rather good old Tony Stark AKA Iron Man!  He’s turning out to be one The Boy’s favorites (though he picked up a Mr. Sinister action figure this past week at the comic shop)

The Offending Object
The Offending Object
In the next installment, we learn about the villainous Mandy Mandarin.
In the next installment, we learn about the villainous Mandy Mandarin.

Anyway, past the jump, I’ll break down the past three weeks’ 51 (!!! so close to having DC sue me!) comics into my version of The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.  For the sake of your sanity and my fingers, I’ll talk about only the highlights and lowlights.  And holy god, there were some real lowlights…

I also want to give a quick plug for a project over at Kickstarter.  Ray Sumser, a really excellent NY-based artist, is working on his newest adventure, an all-original all-ages comic called LYK and Bear.  Ray’s a real talent (and a nice guy), so go make his dreams come true, support his comic, and get some great rewards out of the deal.


At the homefront, The Boy is still having a good time terrorizing his little sister, collecting Squinkies, and getting ready for his upcoming dance recital.  That’s right, he’s still lacing up slipping on his tap shoes and fa-lapping across the studio each Saturday morning.

This photo will certainly haunt him in his teenage years...
This photo will certainly haunt him in his teenage years…

And The Bull?  She’s also pretty damn cute, if I do say so myself…

cuddlemecrochet.etsy.com -- advertising at The Weekly Haul for your convenience
Hat by cuddlemecrochet.etsy.com — advertising at The Weekly Haul for your convenience!

Okay, enough child pimping.  Let’s get to these books.  Again, I’m going to do things a little bit differently this time.   I thought it would be interesting to see if my lifelong hobby is still providing a good ratio of excitement per dollar.

To The Haul!

The Haul – March 13th, 2013


That’s me!  Waiting for my fantasy league assignment…

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The Haul – February 13th, 2013


I’ve never been a huge fan of the holiday, as it seemingly forces you to profess love for people — I think that should just happen naturally and not while held at proverbial gunpoint by chalky candy hearts — but, hey, it’s an important holiday for most.  We spend our Valentine’s the same way we spend every other day — trying to stay asleep while the kids scream and jump in the bed, negotiating the small toys scattered throughout the house, and breathing a very small sigh of relief once they’re both asleep.  The life of married with children isn’t a glamorous one, but despite my complaints, it does happen to be a great one.

A quick word of concern before the usual stuff.  Each night before bedtime, The Boy and I read a story.  A few nights ago, for the first time, he picked out a story that I used to have when I was young — Love You Forever.  I’m sure that most of you know this one, but I haven’t looked at it since I was a little kid and now, seeing it as an adult,


If my mother, while “all the lights were out in my house”, got a ladder, broke into my house through my bedroom window, crawled across the floor, picked me up out of bed, and rocked me in her arms, I would be on the phone with the mental institution so fast she wouldn’t have time to recite her creepy four line poem.  And then I would call my doctor to find out how the hell I was able to sleep through all of that.

This is worse than ANY horror movie I've ever watched.
This is worse than ANY horror movie I’ve ever watched.

We’re still on a big superhero kick at home, much to my obvious thrill.  He’s even double-Supermanning it these days!

The new school dress code - in my fantasy world.
The new school dress code – in my fantasy world.

At this week’s trip to the comic store, The Boy went with me (basically to get him out of his mother’s hair for a little bit).  As we were checking out — with a Spongebob comic in tow — he started looking through the glass display cabinet under the register, which was filled with random loose action figures.  Iron Man, Wolverine, lots of different characters.  Well, no surprise that my flesh and blood NEEDS to have one.  So, of all the choices, who does he pick?

Jean Grey for the win!
Jean Grey for the win!

At least she’s an X-Man and he’s a happy kid, huh?

This week also marked the arrival of a commissioned piece of art that I had done for Emma’s room by the excellently talented Hanie Mohd.  Since The Boy was essentially named after two characters from one of my favorite TV shows, I figured I’d carry on my secretive naming with The Girl and pick names from the X-Men.  So, here is the final product from my request — Emma Frost and Rachel Summers doing something fun.  I think it came out ridiculously awesome.


The little lady is still making every attempt to plow through and over anything in her way as she rapidly makes a case for the most self-injurious baby around.  Bedtime is becoming a new joy too; she does not want to fall asleep without at least a good 45 minutes of testing the volume of her voice and production of her tears.  Here’s the monitor from a few nights ago after an hour:


Let me get a closer view for you…

IMG_1931Yeah, that’s her passed out against the bars of her crib after screaming at the top of her lungs for an hour.  Persistent little thing, she is…

To The Haul!

The Haul – August 22nd, 2012

In what will likely be perceived as a well-deserved break from learning about the messy home I live in (which is actually finally coming together), I wanted to take a moment to speak directly to the comic companies.  Yes, those same companies that I willingly, gladly, and excitedly write a portion of my paycheck to every week.  Yes, those same companies that have provided me with almost two decades of joyful reading material.  And, yes, those same companies that infuriate me to no end.

Hi guys and gals.  My name is Jason.  In addition to being a ravenous fan of the comic medium and a mild amateur comics historian, I am also a physician.  I don’t say this to brag.  I say this to provide some perspective.  There is something that is still occurring, even in this day of instant information, that is just baffling to me.

Here’s a quick comparison to another pop-culture passion of mine — television.  If you were creating a TV show about, let’s say, a newsroom (not to name any excellent current shows in particular), you’d hire someone intimately familiar with the workings of a newsroom, right?  Someone to make sure that you’re doing the right things, saying the right words, not making those people sitting at home who know about this stuff completely embarrassed.  Same thing if you were creating a hit show that may take place in an ER or with people wearing Scrubs or things along that path, right?  Medical consultant necessary.

So why do comics writers and artists COMPLETELY MAKE THE MEDICAL REFERENCES UP???  And where are the editors?  A quick Google search would take care of most of these problems, for example, this one in this week’s Flash #12:

His “aortic artery”???  Really, guys?  This new volume of The Flash has been one of my favorite titles of the New DC 52 and I was reading this latest issue and — BAM — total dead stop once I hit this.

Comic companies — is this laziness?  Do you not care enough to do some research into the basic terminology?  How do you explain nasal canula and an ETT in the same patient?

How is it acceptable that you just depict random leads in random places and backwards IVs?

It’s offensive to me and I’m sure offensive the many other readers who have medical training and/or knowledge, like Scott over at the excellent, though under-updated, Polite Dissent.

Comic writers/artists/editors!  It’s time to change this embarrassing behavior!  For a small fee (I don’t even need benefits!), I will be available for any and all of your medical questions with regards to plot, dialogue, art, or otherwise.  E-mail me to discuss specific arrangements.

To The Haul!

The Haul – July 25th, 2012

They’re taking over the house!!!

That is a current photo of the living room.  Our nice Pier One chair (which doubles as Jacob’s “naughty spot”) that I worked tirelessly to attain, now buried with comics odds and ends.  Twelve long boxes, four short boxes, and some towering piles of issues yet to be sorted.  It’s fun for me to see all my “floppies” in one place (all the trades and hardbacks are on the opposite site of the room); my wife is about $3.99 away from having an aneurysm explode in her brain.

To The Haul!

The Haul – June 20th/27th, 2012

Sooooo, obviously it’s been a bit busy the past 2 weeks and, like usual, I’ve again fallen behind in the wonderful world of comics.  I hang my head in shame, as I know that all of you some of you a miniscule number of you can’t get through a week without reading this shameful website.

Anyway, on the work front, last week was the end of the academic year for the residency program and, therefore, a very nice, structured, calm graduation for the residents, fellows, and myself and my co-chief residents.  Oh, and also, a PARTY!

Dr. Puckerlips, flanked by Dr. Whiteboy Gangsign and Dr. Canadian Bluesteel

When I first started my residency, I thought that I would like to stay on and do a chief year.  When I was approached about it during my second year, I was totally into the idea.  When I first started my chief year, it was overwhelming,To be a bit mushy, I’ve been extraordinarily lucky and fortunate to have spent the last year with some amazing people.  I’m happy that I get to stay at my “work home” for the next three years (at least) for fellowship, but I’m sad that my co-chiefs will be departing to other places to complete their training.  It will be strange to be in a office without them, for sure.

Accidental Inappropriate Phone Messages Are Our Specialty!

Then, this past Saturday, Dawn had her dance studio’s recital.  Thankfully, being 38 weeks pregnant at the time, she didn’t have to dance herself — not sure if there’s a real market out there for pregnant dancers — but Jacob and I went out to watch and support the kids.  I don’t know if he will end up in a formal dance class, and I won’t fight if he wants to, but he REALLY likes to dance, be the center of attention, and flirt with girls, so it seems like a good fit for his needs.

And then the most recent reason for the lateness?

The 6 Pound, 7 Ounce Future Comic Fan

Yep, child numero dos (AKA Emma Rachel) has arrived!  She was born on Sunday, June 24th at 8:58AM, about 12 days early (anxious to find out about the conclusion of AVX, though I told her that it will likely end in 2054).  I’m not sure if my wife will be pleased with my publicizing the intricate details of the affair (nor will you want to read it if I wrote it … nor would I really want to write it in the first place), but Dawn’s labor went WAY fast this time.

Basically, she woke me up at 7AM with the very calmly phrased, yet no less frightening, “Can you please wake up?  I think I’m going to need your help.”  My first reaction as a loving, caring husband of 3 and a half years and a boyfriend for a decade more?  “Can I shower first?”  Aren’t I just the best?

Following my obviously life-alteringly important shower, we sped to the hospital, cutting my normal 30 minute commute to a hot 15 minutes (no thank you stop signs and red lights), just in time to leave The Boy with the unit receptionist and watch my daughter be born without the joy of an epidural.  It was fast and crazed, but thankfully, everyone is doing great.

Leaving the hospital with a new friend!

So far, Jacob is very sweet with her; he gives her hugs and kisses and wants to “teach her about his toys”.

So how do I get that other “half-kid” to complete the American Dream?

Oh, and we got a fish too.  Jacob named him Schkookie.  Or Skookie.  Depends on the moment.  Not sure where he pulled that name from.  This house is getting more and more crowded by the second…

To The Haul!

The Haul – May 23rd, 2012

There’s not that much to say in terms of this past week’s books; it was a fairly light week but despite the low number of books, it still took me until Monday to read.  I’m really trying to make the issues last longer than a day or two, which used to be the norm for me.

As for the personal life, it was a pretty eventful week.  Not only was it Memorial Day weekend, which always ends up being a huge BBQing deal, but my sister got engaged and it was my final week as chief resident!  I guess I can blame the length of time it took me to get through 10 books on all the craziness, huh?

JB and Bear, lounging around

The BBQ was especially cool — an old friend from my past theater days came back up to NY with her husband, which was a prime opportunity to invite a lot of the old gang back together to drink, eat, and awkwardly reminisce.

Who put that kid there?

The boy did have a great time playing with his cousin:

If you cover up the bottom half of the photo, it looks like she’s sneezing on him. Awesome.

And macking it to the non-relatives:

The Ladies Man at 2 1/2 Years

Chief year is over (next stop: fellowship in July!), my baby sister is going to be a wife, parts of the old theater crew meeting back up after years apart; it’s a weird nostalgia blended with constant reminders of how far we’ve all come (and how old we’re all getting).  Every now and again it’s fun and/or bittersweet to be an adult.

To The Haul!

The Haul – April 25th, 2012

Free Comic Book Day coming up this weekend!  I’d like to take The Boy with me to my comic shop and get a nice feel for a fun, comic related day, but my LCS doesn’t really do much for FCBD.  Sure, they’ve got a decent selection of issues and an obligatory sale on books, but I want some events!  Surprise guests!  At least some guys dressed up in superhero costumes?  Ain’t gonna happen at my shop…

Anyway, To The Haul!

The Haul – April 25th, 2012

Free Comic Book Day coming up this weekend!  I’d like to take The Boy with me to my comic shop and get a nice feel for a fun, comic related day, but my LCS doesn’t really do much for FCBD.  Sure, they’ve got a decent selection of issues and an obligatory sale on books, but I want some events!  Surprise guests!  At least some guys dressed up in superhero costumes?  Ain’t gonna happen at my shop…

Anyway, To The Haul!

The Haul – April 11th, 2012

This week’s trip to the LCS was with both the wife and the boy — it’s vacation for all of us right now so amidst a day of errands (Buy Buy Baby for the new one, Target, post office, etc.), we took a little trip to pick up this week’s books.

First of all, I felt very pressured for some reason.  I’ve never moved faster in that store to pick up my books and get out.  It wasn’t because of my wife; she has always been EXTREMELY supportive of my hobby/habit/addiction — our office has been converted to the Comic Book Nerd Room of Doom, after all.  I think I was worried that the boy would tear the joint apart.  Nothing to worry about, though.  In fact, after I picked up my books, we looked at some statues.  He found Supergirl and yelled “Superman!” and called Medusa of the Inhumans a mermaid.  I think the hair looked like a fin?

Secondly, the LCS guys (owner and young guy at register), who have known me, or at least my face/wallet combination, for the past decade, didn’t even say hello.  They didn’t smile at me, they didn’t make any jokes.  You think you’d use the opportunity to sell me some kiddie crap while I’ve got my kid there?  I can’t imagine they were upset that I brought my family in there.  If they were, that just shows what a male mid-20s and up age crowd comic reading has become.

Anyway, To The Haul!