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The Haul – November 11th, 2015

Anyone read the comic Nonplayer?

This is a beautiful comic — like no joke gorgeous art — that has been plagued by extensive delays.  The first issue was released in 2011 to critical and fandom acclaim, but it took until the summer of this year for there to be a second issue.  And still no third as of this posting.

A peek in the pages of Nonplayer #1
A peek in the pages of Nonplayer #1

So, when I made a Twitter post about our own delays in getting posts up on the site:


this happened…

2015-11-10 18.53.21
Yup, that’s Nate Simpson, the creator of the comic that I was being self-depricating in reference to.  So, without a doubt now, I’m totally internet famous.

This week also marks the start of the next Marvel/Netflix show, Jessica Jones, based off the excellent Bendis/Gaydos Alias series from the early 2000s.


We’ll be putting up an installment of Small Screen Comics this week, where I’ll take a look at the Alias series, the character of Jessica Jones, and the comic-versions of the supporting characters that you’ll see in the TV series.  Keep a look out for the update!

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The Haul – July 22nd, 2015

The Weekly Haul Header


I hate to make this site look less like the abandoned ghost town it seems to be of late, but we are back!  Remy and I have been caught up in the usual nonsense of real life (AKA real life jobs) — I just completed my fellowship training program, left my old hospital of the past 7 years, and got a new job at the end of a long and painful commute, all while finishing up more brown bags.  As for Remy?  Well, Remy has been…umm…well, Remy…huh.  Who knows about Remy?  He’s either taking the NYC comedy scene by storm or he just loves posing for photos while holding a microphone.
Mic Sword
There’s no way that we can play catchup with weekly books, which no doubt I’ve still been reading, so let’s just start with this week’s haul and get right into things.  It’s a Marvel-only Wednesday ahead…

To The Haul!

Deciphering the Teaser – The Battleworld Map

Battleworld Map Header
Man, Marvel is just CRANKING out the teasers for Spring 2015’s Secret Wars, huh?  We recently did a breakdown of some of these assembled “countries” based on their video teaser — but this was only the tip of the proverbial iceberg!  Marvel’s newest teaser shows that there are 40 areas on the Battleworld map (we guessed right — good counting, us!).  We knew 14 of them before (15 total realities) and now Marvel has given us the mysterious names of all these places.  Now, none of these names are the “real” names of the realities though, so with the exception of the previously confirmed locations, this is all conjecture and assumptions.  Here we go!

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Deciphering the Teaser – Secret Wars 2015

Click for a HUGE version

Another day, another teaser!  Last time, we tried to decipher DC’s New 52 Multiverse (each of those are separate links — check them out!) and we did a pretty decent job, of course thanks to help from you guys!  At New York Comic Con, Marvel has now released the above teaser (by Alex Ross) for “Secret Wars”, the publisher’s 2015 event in the wake of the current multiverse-spanning arcs in Avengers and New Avengers.  Headed by current Avengers writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Esad Ribic, the event has been clearly marked as a MOICHANDIZING EXTRAVAGANZA, to quote Dan Buckley (Marvel President) — “we’re going to be extending this in a year-long program into 2016 with our merchandising partners, digital partners and other partners.”  Already listed are Hasbro, Gentle Giant, and Hot Topic — get ready for the action figures, guys and gals!

Whereas the original 1984 Secret Wars was about heroes and villains from the main Marvel Earth (called Marvel-616), this teaser promo gives us a clue that this new Secret Wars really is a direct result of the current Avengers storyline — a crossover of Multiversity multiple universal proportions.

SOOOOO for this installment of Lets Try To Figure Out What We’ve Got Here, let’s try to figure out WHO we’ve got here!  As always, we’re more than willing to be wrong — please comment below with your input!  As was said at the reveal, “None of it is random and none of it is brand new.”

After the jump, let’s decode it!

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