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Deciphering the Teaser – Secret Wars 2015

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Another day, another teaser!  Last time, we tried to decipher DC’s New 52 Multiverse (each of those are separate links — check them out!) and we did a pretty decent job, of course thanks to help from you guys!  At New York Comic Con, Marvel has now released the above teaser (by Alex Ross) for “Secret Wars”, the publisher’s 2015 event in the wake of the current multiverse-spanning arcs in Avengers and New Avengers.  Headed by current Avengers writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Esad Ribic, the event has been clearly marked as a MOICHANDIZING EXTRAVAGANZA, to quote Dan Buckley (Marvel President) — “we’re going to be extending this in a year-long program into 2016 with our merchandising partners, digital partners and other partners.”  Already listed are Hasbro, Gentle Giant, and Hot Topic — get ready for the action figures, guys and gals!

Whereas the original 1984 Secret Wars was about heroes and villains from the main Marvel Earth (called Marvel-616), this teaser promo gives us a clue that this new Secret Wars really is a direct result of the current Avengers storyline — a crossover of Multiversity multiple universal proportions.

SOOOOO for this installment of Lets Try To Figure Out What We’ve Got Here, let’s try to figure out WHO we’ve got here!  As always, we’re more than willing to be wrong — please comment below with your input!  As was said at the reveal, “None of it is random and none of it is brand new.”

After the jump, let’s decode it!

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The Haul – March 20th, 2013

Things at the house this past week have been pretty chaotic.  This year marked the first big Seder (the Passover meal) at our house and my overachieving wife wanted to prepare everything herself.  The Boy wanted to make the Seder plate though:

No actual living things were harmed in the creation of this Seder plate
No actual living things were harmed in the creation of this Seder plate

Yup, the contents of the plate are all courtesy of Toys R Us by way of his play kitchen foods.  Anyway, we had 12 adults and 4 children at the Seder and the night went without a single argument or food fight, a great achievement if you ask me.  And the food was excellent!

Besides Passover, this past Monday was my wife and her mother’s birthday, which means planning some kind of night out.  This has become more difficult to do as our schedules have gotten busier.  Oh, and since the addition of those two other humans living in our house.  Thankfully, Dawn is in agreement with me that adults shouldn’t need birthday presents (especially those who have the means to get their own things) so I don’t have to worry about the gift hunt like I used to, but getting the kids to behave in a restaurant on the first night of Passover?  I’d almost rather panic while searching Zales.com…

Basically?  Tiring week.

photo 3

And for the non-Jews out there, Happy Almost Easter!

photo 1(1)

To The Haul!

The Haul – February 6th, 2013

Two great things happened today.  First of all, today was the official start of my vacation.  Fellowship has been great, but being on service for the whole year can be a bit exhausting.  Putting that away response message on my work e-mail was one of the more satisfying things in a while.  No big plans for the vacation — work around the house, get beat up on by the kids, read some comics — but it will be nice to be woken up by a screaming infant or a tapping 3 year old instead of my alarm.   Whoa.  No it won’t.

The second great thing that happened today?

NemoThat’s right, the historic Winter Storm Nemo, which dumped about one and half feet of snow in my area.  The office shut down early yesterday so everyone could get home safely — a far cry from my residency days when the threat of bad weather would commit you to what amounted to a prison sentence, having to stay at the hospital until further notice.  The drive home was long, but not terrible, and for a while last night it seemed as if Nemo (the fish, the sea captain, or the early 1900s little boy in Slumberland) would be a lot of hype.  Well, color me completely wrong, because by this morning, things were COVERED.

Photo taken while panicking about how long it would take to shovel
Photo taken while panicking about how long it would take to shovel.  Arms already hurting…

Even though living on Long Island is not the greatest when it snows this much, there’s just something about a snow day (and, yes, even though I’m 30 years old, I still call it a snow day) that I really love.  I could do without all the shoveling (and today really cemented my need for a snowblower), but going outside and goofing around in the snow is just a blast.  The Boy, though, has mixed feelings about this.  Yesterday, he was very excited to, and I quote, “build a snowfamily and make snow angels”.  Today?  A bit of a different tale.

The Many Moods of a Snow Day
The Many Moods of a Snow Day

See?  We started off pretty strong, but the happiness was pretty short lived.  Jacob has inherited a lot of my OCD and, once his hands got wet, we spiraled downhill pretty fast.

"Daddy, why is there only one set of footprints?"  "Well, son, because you forced me to carry you because you were too afraid of, and I quote, getting snow in between your toes."
“Daddy, why is there only one set of footprints?” “Well, son, because you forced me to carry you because you were too afraid of ‘getting snow in between your toes’.  Diva.”

The daredevil, the steamroller, the Juggernaut — AKA The Girl — has no problems with snow.  You know, if it was lava instead of snow, she probably would have jumped right in as well.  Doesn’t matter.  No fear, that kid.


I've realized that it's a near-impossible feat to get a picture with the both of them looking at the camera at the same time.
I’ve realized that it’s a near-impossible feat to get a picture with the both of them looking at the camera at the same time.

And, for good measure, here’s a shot of the oldest child enjoying the SNOW DAY!

Unkempt mane blowing in the breeze...
Unkempt mane blowing in the breeze…

As for me, my arms and chest are on fire from shoveling — time for the ritual hot chocolate reward!

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The Haul – January 2nd, 2013

Happy 2013 everyone!!!  If comics have taught me anything, this year is one to be feared.  I know, you’re all just sitting there, happy that you survived the Mayan Apocalypse, but something is coming, something worse than you could have ever imagined…


No, not just the upcoming movie (though is it any conincidence?), but the actual event (based on true predictions, I’m sure).  Here’s the proof:

uncannyxmen141To call your attention to the top left panel: uncannyxmen141

Oh my god it’s really here they’re going to find and kill all the mutants!!!

Portrait of an artist at work
Portrait of an artist at work

We’ve been a bit busy at the homefront, trying to finish the can’t-believe-its-still-ongoing cleaning of the house in the post-baby room rearranging.  Jacob has found a new hobby outside of his equestrian pursuits — drawing!  The kid really loves to color and draw and leave marks on the carpet, God bless the little punk…

Freaking goofball...
Freaking goofball…

Oh, for those of you who couldn’t tell (you fools!), from left to right, that’s Jakey, Emma, Daddy, Mommy, and Oreo (our Shih Tzu and oldest “child”).


Emma doesn’t realize how old she is (6 months) and is now crawling.  I thought I would have a lot more time before I had to re-gate the house and put away all the small easily inhaled toys.  Guess she told me…

Oh, and this past week saw the birth of our second niece, Mackenzie Rose Slawitsky, born on January 7th, 2013 at 8:53 AM!  You’ve got a crazy long name, kid, but we love you anyway!!!

The Seven Pound Eleven Ounce Bundle of Dynamite...
The Seven Pound Eleven Ounce Bundle of Dynamite…

To The Haul!

The Haul – December 19th and 26th, 2012


Courtesy of (AKA stolen from) Paul Layzell

MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE!!!  If Santa was really that cool, maybe even I’d get a tree?

We’re still recovering from holiday-time toy overload.  Holy Good God, the house is bursting with new toys (admittedly, not just for the kids — I got the Loki Break Out Lego set, amongst other comic related joys).  I always get a little frustrated, though, because with all the new stuff, all those old toys that we spend so much money on tend to get forgotten.  Thankfully though, The Boy is still very much into his ponies.

Lining up for the "gala", he says...
Lining up for the “gala”, he says…

On the work front, things have been very busy this past week.  Six months of straight service with no vacation time may have been a bad decision in retrospect.  I had to add two photos to my desk to cheer me up on those down days…

God knows I needed that positive life affirmation...
God knows I needed that positive life affirmation…

To The Haul!

The Haul – November 21st

DON’T CALL IT A COMEBACK!  I’ve been here for years!   Well, actually much less than a year total, but let’s not split hairs…

Look who’s still here!  Yes, by no demand whatsoever, The Weekly Haul is determined to survive!  So, since I know that you’re all on the edge of your seats and don’t have time for cute pictures of my kids:

or Thanksgiving:

or what I’ve been up to in the break:

let’s get right to it!

To The Haul!

The Catchup Haul – Ultimate Comics and Marvel

So, it’s definitely getting harder and harder to keep up with the weekly books.  I’ll have more witty things to say and cute pictures to post next time, but let’s just get right into this thing.

To The Haul!

The Haul – July 4th, 2012

“Emma is a brat.”

Jacob told me that today.  Now before you think that The Boy doesn’t love his new little sister, just gaze upon this wonder:

Sibling Rivalry At Its Mildest

Okay, now that you’ve been lulled into a calm, happy place, let me explain.

When Jacob was an infant, he was so completely easy to handle.  I mean, he did all the normal baby stuff, but overall, he was extremely calm.  He fed well and slept for nice, long periods of time in mostly any environment.  It used to drive me crazy when people would say, “Oh, you’re going to be in for it with your next one!”  Mostly because they were completely right.

Plotting her next move…

She’s really just a normal baby.  She cries, pees, poops, feeds — rinse and repeat — all the regular old stuff.  BUT, she’s not the easy going/wonderful sleeper that Jacob was and really needs almost constant “mommy time” in order to be soothed for more than 15 minutes.  All of this would be fine, if not for the fact that Jacob just realized that he’s two and a half and decided to start acting his age, which has added to the overall stress in the house.

And he probably heard me say it.  Oops.  Damn sponge brain of his…

To The Haul!

The Haul – June 6th, 2012

I’m getting this installment out a bit later than I typically do, but you all are getting used to reading this on the late end, right?  It’s strange to feel busy while on vacation at home with no real plans, but the days really seem to go fast.

The Boy went with me again to the comic shop this past week and I finally grew a pair and let him walk around a bit after we picked up our books, which included the most recent issue of Young Justice (based off the REALLY good TV show) for him.  Of course, the more Batman, the happier he gets.  He got to look in the showcases up front by the register, which are filled with loose action figures, which I have no clue as to why they’re behind plexiglass, and some statues.  In all honesty, I won’t mind if he one day decides that he hates comics, but while he enjoys it, I think it’s the best thing ever to share the comic shop with him.

This past weekend marked the second craft fair for Cuddle Me Crochet, my wife’s side job.  Not only did I walk away with a really ridiculous sunburn from standing outside the tent P.T. Barnum-ing in people, but I walked away with a valuable lesson.  Selling crochet hats in June was a bad choice.

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The Haul – May 2nd, 2012

After work, The Boy and I took a trip together to my LCS to get this week’s books.  He’s only been at the shop a handful of times; I usually end up going by myself.  First off, I like to get in and out of there fairly quickly.  I’m not one to linger there and talk about the latest issue of X-Men — never been my thing.  Secondly, at his age (2 1/2 years), I can’t let him walk around in the store because he has the unstoppable urge to touch EVERYTHING he sees.  With all the potential stuff in there for him to “look at” (read: destroy), I’ve got to carry him while strategically balancing my books in the other hand.  It’s a bit of a pain, but he’s starting to enjoy looking at my comics with me, so I figured he’d have some fun.

I think I’ve mentioned it before, but the shop I go to puts the week’s new releases on a long table against the wall.  I was walking down the table, picking up The Haul and we came up to the newest issue of The Lone Ranger from Dynamite.  The Boy saw this and yelled “Horsey Book!”  Hilarious.  He was totally excited and as I kept on getting my titles, he kept on asking me if he could get that comic.  Of course I was going to get him something (how couldn’t I?), so we went back and I leafed through it.  Unfortunately, there’s some pretty graphic images of a hanging — not exactly an “all ages” book.  Not to worry, we did find something else that he liked just as much:

The whole ride home was him talking about Spider-Man, Batman (not sure what he was doing there), and the guy who was “missing one more eyepatch on” (AKA Nick Fury).  Couldn’t be prouder.

The other thing that happened was the sheer confusion of the shop employees at what to do with a child in the store.  Comic shops (at least, my comic shop) are the distinct territory of the 20-40 year old male.

Outside of the Spider-Man cartoon comic, it was another pretty heavy week:  To The Haul!